Masashi Kishimoto Initial plans for Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Masashi Kishimoto initial planned that Boruto’s name to be Menma or Shinachiku, both being names for seasoned bamboo shoots used in ramen but decided against it and went rather with Boruto due to it’s hidden meaning.

Menma Uzumaki

The word “Boruto” is a Japanese pronunciation of an English word “Bolt” that shares it’s meaning an English word “Screw” which when translated to Japanese can be pronounced as “Neji”

Boruto was named in other to honour deceased Neji. Kishimoto did this to pay respect to Neji and Neji especially his death is the “screw” that holds Naruto and Hinata together.

Boruto Uzumaki

The naming scheme is also the reason Boruto wears a necklace that is a lightning bolt shaped like a screw.